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Our Partners

 The Upper Cumberland Academic Career Coach team diligently works to link long-term career plans to educational paths with seamless transitions from middle to high school and throughout post-secondary instruction. We partner with local industry leaders, post-secondary institutions, and six K-12 public school districts to facilitate success for all students.

Building a better tomorrow together.

Upper Cumberland

Jobs For the Future

Jobs for the Future works to ensure that all underprepared young people and workers have the skills and credentials needed to succeed in our economy by creating solutions that catalyze change in our education and workforce delivery systems. Working with our partners, JFF designs and drives the adoption of innovative and scalable education and career training models and systems that lead from college readiness to career advancement. We also develop and advocate for the federal and state policies needed to support these solutions.

Pathways Tennessee
In June 2012, Tennessee was selected to join a multi-state consortium, the Pathways to Prosperity Network, a multistate initiative aimed to address the “skills gap” that threatens the preparedness of young Americans entering the workforce. The mission of Pathways Tennessee is to provide Tennessee students rigorous academic/career pathways, which are linked to economic and labor market needs and trends.

Our Schools

Workforce Development and Education

The Highlands Workforce Development and Education Committee strives to demonstrate the connection between education and economic development. The committee consists of seven subcommittees, each with specific goals and programs geared to improve education attainment and job readiness for the current and future workforce of the Highlands. The committee is an active part of the Highlands Initiative and is composed of business and education leaders of the Highlands area. Click here for a list of our current industry partners.


The school districts of Clay County, Jackson County, Overton County, Putnam County, Warren County, and White County have partnered with the Highlands Economic Partnership Workforce Development and Education Steering Committee to bring this program to our students.